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Steps To Take When Getting A Flat Tire

When someone's vehicle gets a flat tire while driving, there are certain safety precautions that can be taken to keep them and their vehicle safe from oncoming traffic. The first sign of a flat tire may be very subtle if the air is being let out of the tire at a slow rate. There may be some pulling to one side when driving or the ride may feel slightly rougher than usual. In many cases it is apparent that a tire has gone flat by a loud thumping sound each time the tire makes a rotation over the flattened area.

As soon as someone suspects their tire has gone flat, they should pull their vehicle to an area away from traffic. If it vehicle becomes difficult to steer because the tire is completely flattened, pulling it as far off the road as possible is best. If there is a parking area ahead, the vehicle can be driven slowly to try to get to a safer area than a roadway.

It is best to drive slow after a tire becomes flat so there is a chance at salvaging the tire and the rim. Driving excessively on a flat tire will cause damage to the metal rim in addition to the tire itself, therefore it is best to stop as soon as possible to avoid additional Repair work. To stay safe, it is best to call someone for help when dealing with a flat tire.

After the vehicle is pulled off the road, a call can be made to have the Flat Tire repaired by a professional. A tire repair service can be called and someone will come to remove the tire from the vehicle. They will then take it to their shop to try to plug it if there is a simple puncture in the rubber. If the damage is more extensive, the tire will be taken off of the rim and a new one will be placed on it instead. The tire will then be placed on the Auto so the owner can get back on the road to their destination.

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