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Lift Kits

 Lift Kits for your truck

Aftermarket vehicle customization is a big market for Honda, Mustang, and Hyundai owners, among many other easily customized and altered vehicles. The flashy upgrades (neon, spoilers, etc) are popular in their own right. But, there are some subtler upgrades that also have an impact on the performance. Lift Kits are not as flashy or distinct as a new paint job, but they affect the truck in an innovative way.

Lift kits actually lift the truck off the ground while driving. The additional space in the bottom allows for superior performance, particularly in the suspension. It also allows for the addition of larger tires, which can really make a statement (as car owners know all too well). That is the most common reason for implementing a lift kit. Owners want to go from their stock tire span to 20 inches or more. There are two main types of Lift Kits out there. These are body lifts and Suspension lifts.

Body lift kits are a bit more aesthetic. They do not actually lift the vehicle to increase ground clearance. They do, however, elevate the vehicle about three inches from its stock level. It generally lifts the body of the vehicle off its frame. The addition allows for larger tires. It is integrated with block spacers, which are positioned between the vehicle and the frame itself.

Suspension kits by well respected brands such as ProComp and Rancho are usually more expensive, but they accomplish a whole lot more on the performance aspect. The upgrade includes the removal of the front and rear shocks added in the stock build. Replacing them are blockers that can elevate the vehicle off the ground upwards of 16 inches. Traditionally, the upgrade will be about four to six inches. Anything more and the upgrade becomes a result of diminishing returns. It looks aesthetically bizarre, and it will not pass any state inspections. A big problem is the handling. It becomes dangerous. It is why handling with a professional service company, such as Accessorios Mexico, is so necessary. They integrate the suspension upgrade without degrading the handling.

Either is a good option for Auto customization enthusiasts. The body lift kit is mostly about the vehicle’s visual look, for the difference of one to three inches has little impact on performance. Suspension kits are more intricate, and the result could be incredible if done right.

Lift Kits for your truck

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