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Why the Mechanic Will Recommend Rotor Turning Along with Brake Pad Replacement

No car owner wants to hear that sickening sound of metal grinding against metal when the brakes are applied. When the owner has chosen to wait a little too long to invest in new brake pads, that is exactly what is likely to happen. In many cases, the mechanic who does replace the pads will recommend that the owner allow the professional to also perform a Rotor Turning. Here are some examples of when this approach makes sense.

Why Turn the Rotors?

The point of turning the rotors is so that the damage done when the pads failed will not interfere with the function of the braking system. Essentially, the mechanic is turning the damaged side away so that the pads will come in contact with a smooth surface. This helps to preserve the efficiency of the braking system and encourage even wear of those new pads. As a result, the driver will be able to apply the right amount of pressure to the brake pedal and bring the vehicle to a stop without any jerking.

What if the Rotors Have Already Been Turned?

It is important to understand that the rotors can only be turned once. If the mechanic inspects the current set and finds that they were turned previously, that means there is no undamaged surface to work with. The only viable solutions are to resurface the rotors or to replace them completely.

Resurfacing is especially helpful if the extent of the damage is not severe. While the process does mean spending a little more, the cost is generally less than having to replace the rotors. In the case of an older vehicle, it can be more difficult to find a replacement set. If the mechanic is convinced that choosing to resurface the rotors will do the trick, it is a good idea to go this route.

Remember that the best case scenario is to take the Auto in for pad replacements before the shoes do begin to rub against the rotors. When the task is put off long enough, a rotor turning or resurfacing will be part of the brake system repair. With the aid of a mechanic, it will be easier to decide which approach is the best option.

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