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Four Tips for Tire Storage

There are a wide variety of circumstances under which tires may need to be stored off of a vehicle for later use, including all-season tires, winter tires, and even racing tires. Unfortunately many vehicle owners don't give adequate thought to tire storage. Many don't realize it, but storing tires outside or just throwing them on the floor of the garage is like tossing money down the drain. Read on to find tips on auto tire storage that can help vehicle owners significantly extend the lifespan of their tires.

Always Clean Before Storing

It's important to remove any accumulated dust, dirt, and debris from tires prior to putting them up for storage. Just use some soapy water and a tire brush to make sure they are free of grime. If the tires are being stored on their rims be sure to use an approved wheel cleaner to clean the wheels as well. Either way, let them dry completely before storage.

Keep Them in a Cool, Dry Place

The best climate for storing tires is a cool, dry area. A climate-controlled basement or garage can be a good place to store tires, but only if humidity levels are kept to a minimum. Purchasing a dehumidifier can certainly help. Don't have the extra money to purchase a dehumidifier? The best place is probably the basement, provided it does not leak. Definitely avoid storing them outside, even under a tarp or other structure.

Hanging Tires

When it comes to tires still mounted on their rims, hanging them is one of the best storage options there is. Do not, however, hang tires that are unmounted. It can cause severe damage. If mounted tires are not being hung, always store them stacked.

Buy Some Airtight Bags

Keeping tires in large, airtight garden bags can be one of the best ways to prevent their lubricating oil from evaporating and stop water from getting in. Some particularly motivated vehicle owners even use their vacuum cleaners to remove all of the air from the bags before sealing them with tape. This isn't truly necessary, but do make sure to remove as much of the air as possible when taking this approach to tire storage.

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