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How to Make the Most of a Visit to the Rim and Tire Shop

Rims and tires can last quite some time of they are well taken care of, but they just aren't meant to last forever. Knowing when it's time to replace old tires is only half the battle, though. Most drivers know where to go when they need an oil change, because engine oil and other fluids require much more frequent attention. Because tires do not need to be replaced as often many drivers don't have a specific shop in mind. As a result, choosing a reputable rim and tire shop can be a real hassle. Read on to find some tips on choosing the best auto rim and tire shop around.

Check the Old Tires First

Disreputable tire shops and mechanics will try to up-sell customers on products they don't need. Do a quick visual inspection of the tires, looking for cracked sidewalls, discoloration, or excessive tread wear. If these signs of wear are not present and the tire is less than six years old, but salesmen at the tire shop are insisting that they need to be changed, head to a different shop.

Do note, though, that if at all possible it's always better to replace a full set of tires at the same time. This will ensure even wear and provide the best handling, but these benefits will only be relevant if the tires need to be replaced to begin with.

Check the Spare

Taking a vehicle in to have the tires replaced offers a good opportunity to check on the spare tire as well. Be sure to have the spare inspected. If it's not up to snuff, save the best-condition used tire from the set being replaced to use as a spare.

Buy From a Local Rim and Tire Shop

The best rim and tire shop in town is usually family owned and operated. Supporting local businesses has two benefits. It keeps money circulating locally, and it ensures the best possible service. A giant, faceless corporation will not have very much stake in ensuring that their customers are happy. They have so many of them across the country that one dissatisfied customer is unimportant. In comparison, a local shop will be operated by friends and neighbors who have a stake in supporting the community that supports them in turn. Buying local is a win-win.

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